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Marine FE Race-Spec Boats.







Marine FE is proud to offer TFL boats with some exciting options to provide you

with a turn-key Race Rig without any need for upgrading.

Introducing Marine FE Race Spec Boats, full race- factory built. Fully loaded or stripped down.


Modifications can include on the 4s boats a 180amp Sea King E.S.C., Ball link rudder and servo

linkages,Larger 40mm can motors to handle the extra heat and load associated with Racing

demands and one-piece flex shafts to ease maintenance. These mods are available on almost

every boat we sell, but check with us to be sure as each boat has slight variations from model

type to model type.


Also available are Hull and Hardware kits. Boats are supplied with painted Hull and hardware

installed, only no electronics of any kind. No motor, esc, or servos are supplied with Hull and Hardware

models. The advantage is you get to install whatever you like for electronics and power options.


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