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How to Choose a Remote Control Boat

Which type of Power?

Electric – Clean renewable power capable of very high speeds, less tuning, cleaner operation. Smaller boats up to very large scale race boats are powered with electric set ups.

Nitro – While cost of fuel is very high, power is abundant with these motors. Tuning takes some skill and maintenance is higher due to wear and corrosive fuel.

Gas – A simpler set up to Nitro some of these motors can produce great power for larger hulls. The fuel is cheaper than Nitro-methane fuel and far less corrosive.

Which type of Hull?

Hydroplane Boat

Hydroplane Boat


Catamaran Boat

When selecting a model it is best to consider its intended use first. Hydroplanes are long course, generally flatter water and higher speed turns. Tunnel Hulls are sprinters and turn very quick and sharp and like flatter water as well. Catamarans can take the rougher water at higher speeds.

The size of the model is also something to consider, bigger runs better is rougher waters but cost of batteries, ease of transport and weight. If I get a larger model will I need help launching it? These are some things you may want to think about when making your choice.